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↓ Edge Petrol

“Kanso got our SaaS product to market fast and established a badass engineering culture”

– Gideon Carroll, Founder & CEO
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Kanso brings the tech and product expertise early stage founders need.

We're your technical product team. We help get your startup from an idea and into market, and beyond. We typically work with pre-seed and seed funded businesses, alongside founders.

We can help by:

  • Being your interim CTO and tech team
  • Scoping and prototyping
  • Building and maintaining your product
  • Establishing a badass engineering process
  • Hiring and embedding talented people into your team

If you're early in your startup's life and want an unbiased and unfiltered assessment of your plan visit → honestopinion.io

Homelight ↓

“Kanso helped to build the Homelight tech through to Series-A where we raised $14M”

– Drew Uher, Founder & CEO
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▲ Photo credit Homelight, Inc

We've helped create over $1B in equity value.

Most of the founders and ventures we work with are investor funded. Our key measure of success is equity value creation. In our first 10 years of operation we have helped to create over $1B of equity value in the companies we work with.

Kanso is investor friendly.

  1. We partner with founders and their team.
  2. We build great technology products.
  3. We don't waste your money on consultancy slide decks.
  4. We create well-documented, robust products.
  5. We assist the transition to in-sourced teams.

↓ Pirate Studios

“Our investor at Talis Capital introduced us to Kanso to take care of tech development”

– David Borrie, Founder & CEO
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We ♡ saying goodbye (and congrats on the Series A, B, C, D...)

We're here for early stage entrepreneurs whether at the idea stage, or when you need to prototype or launch your initial product. Eventually you'll want to start in-sourcing your own tech team. We assist with the transition, and remain a helpful ear if ever you need it.

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